Turn the lunch break into an employee benefit.

Give your employees healthy, flexible dining options with the Ticket Restaurant program.

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About Ticket Restaurant

Ticket Restaurant is a benefit that allows employees to purchase meals at the establishment of their choice. This benefit offers employees the convenience of a prepaid card that is funded monthly with a meal allowance. This card can be used to pay for meals during working hours like breakfast, lunch or dinner at local eateries and restaurants.

Why Offer Ticket Restaurant to Your Employees?

Greater Workforce Loyalty

Loyal employees are more passionate about their work and accomplish more for their employers.

Flexible Dining Options

Give your employees the flexibility to choose where and what to eat with a prepaid card that is widely accepted.

Promotes Good Health

Skipping meals affects your employees productivity. Give them the incentive to refuel with a nutritious meal.

Why choose Edenred Ticket Restaurant?

Edenred Ticket Restaurant launched in 1962 in France offers a hassle-free, low cost benefit you can provide to your employees. Here are just a few reasons to choose Ticket Restaurant:

  • A low cost benefit everyone can enjoy
  • Easy to set up and maintain, freeing up time for you and your team
  • Accepted at a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and eateries
  • Can be used with food ordering apps such as Grubhub and DoorDash
  • User friendly online account, mobile app and excellent customer support